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Welcome to Speech for Everyone. We provide screening, assessment and therapy in all areas of speech, language, literacy and communication for children and adults.  At SFE we pride ourselves on providing services targeted at the individual or family that is based on the latest evidence.

Services we offer

Speech/articulation: Speech for Everyone can assist the development of clear speech in both children and adults. A variety of techniques are used to increase how well you or your child are understood. ​

Language: SFE can assist with both receptive/comprehension and expressive language difficulties in adults and children. Therapy is tailored and targeted towards each persons diagnosis and goals.. 

Literacy: SFE can help build the ​skills required for reading,  writing and spelling. In a fun, supportive environment adults and children can develop sound/symbol association, spelling rules, and phoneme manipulation skills. 

Stuttering: Practical and evidence based strategies ​to help children and adults with their disfluencies. 

Augmentative and alternative communication: SFE can assist children and adults with severe speech or language difficulties to find other ways to communicate​, whether through  gestures, sign language, pictures or communication devices. 

Social skills: SFE can help children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, language disorders or specific learning difficulties to understand and use social communication. This includes abiding by the rules of conversation, topic maintenance, topic initiation, turn taking and the use of sarcasm and humour. 

Screening services

 Speech for Everyone can conduct speech, language, literacy and  social skills screening assessments.. These can be conducted within early learning centres, preschools, kindergartens, play groups or schools. 

 The benefits of screening are that it provides a snapshot of your child's abilities and allows for early detection of any difficulties. Early detection allows therapy to begin early  which has proven to have better outcomes. 

 Screenings include assessing the child's articulation, expressive and receptive language skills, social skills and for school aged children their literature skills. 

     A report is included that will indicate if the child's development is age appropriate or not. Recommendations will be included if  further assessment or therapy is required.